What are the top three reasons that Americans are fed up with the government status quo?

Flip through America’s Revolt Deck and select your choices.

America has chosen it’s favorite talking head–Donald Trump. What will he take aim at next? We get to choose because we are flying Air Force One! It’s time to select our top targets. Together we give the nod to hear the words, “You’re FIRED! Take careful aim.

Get ready to play UNITY TRUMPS ALL, a crowd-sourcing game brought to you by Connected Wisdom. Begin by watching the one-minute video clip The Most Unbiased and Historically Accurate Synopsis of the 2016 Presidential Election to enter the scene and step into your role.

What are the biggest obstacles to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America?  Why are Americans feeling so fed up? From America’s Revolt Deck, choose three top targets you want Trump to take aim at or just tell us your own list of things that need to change. These are the top three barriers to happiness that must be changed to make truly America great. Write your answers in the Comments.

America’s Revolt Deck

  1. Middle East foreign policy
  2. Concern about general social welfare
  3. Climate change
  4. Critical stance on Israel
  5. Insufficient support of Israel
  6. Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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  8. Crumbling US infrastructure
  9. Out of touch with the American people
  10. Voted against the Obama legacy
  11. America is no longer #1
  12. Evil-doers are taking over the world
  13. We work for the Asians now—they make got all the best stuff
  14. Illegal immigrants are taking over the country
  15. Our American pride is in the mud
  16. Feel left behind by globalization
  17. Feel resentful of an elite political class that ignores regular Americans
  18. Anger of economic hard times
  19. Dissatisfaction over race relations
  20. High cost of health care
  21. Dismal future prospects for the common person
  22. Can’t earn a good living through hard work anymore
  23. Anger at the opposing political party
  24. American has lost its religious heritage
  25. American is losing its cultural heritage
  26. Unemployment rates in America
  27. Unavailability of benefits or loss of benefits on the job
  28. Fall in the standard of living
  29. Loss of quality of life in America
  30. Falling median income
  31. Falling wages
  32. Unequal distribution of wealth in America
  33. Corporate privilege as the worker’s expense
  34. Record numbers of Americans on Food Stamps
  35. High cost of college education in America
  36. Student loan debt
  37. Rising homelessness in American cities
  38. 20% of American children in poverty
  39. America’s becoming a renter nation
  40. Homeownership is out of reach
  41. Foreclosures on home loans
  42. Inequality is worst in the industrialized world
  43. America’s best at creating super rich people at the expense of everyone else
  44. More babies die the day they are born in the US than in any industrialized country
  45. Who hasn’t heard about the cost of prescription drugs in the US compared to other countries
  46. US spends more on health care than any country in the world
  47. We incarcerate more of our population that any country in the world
  48. We export more weapons than any country in the world
  49. We spend more on our military than any country in the world
  50. Poor educational system
  51. We don’t guarantee worker paid sick days
  52. We’re the only advanced country that doesn’t require companies to give their workers paid vacations
  53. No paid maternity leave for mothers of newborns
  54. Sexual misconduct of government leaders
  55. Shrinking incomes
  56. Diminishing lifespans
  57. Worry about children’s future
  58. Illegal immigrants
  59. Muslim refugees
  60. Equal opportunity for women
  61. Cultural arrogance of those in power
  62. Feel betrayed by government
  63. “Progressive” cultural elite
  64. Income disparity in America
  65. Lack of opportunity for children
  66. Shrinking Middle Class
  67. High cost of living
  68. Unfair tax laws
  69. Police brutality
  70. Police militarization
  71. Government spying on citizens
  72. Unfair advantage to corporations
  73. Low minimum wage
  74. Violence
  75. Crime
  76. Cost of prescription drugs
  77. Harsh drug laws
  78. High infant mortality rates

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