Connected Wisdom

is a non-profit grassroots movement fueled by recent developments in network science offering an unforgettable experience of connection as well as training programsin the Circles Method for family, community and work environments.


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We provide an unparalleled experience of connection through our Connection Circles. Circles can be experienced in single sessions or through an entire course and can be added to practically any environment and any event, conference, or small gathering.


Wisdom Emerges From Connection

There is now a pressing need for us to reconnect with our source in order to find the way forward, to rediscover and activate the timeless values we’ve inherited. The essence of Jewish tradition comes down to human connection and doing for others. This is our legacy and the spiritual DNA that’s been passed from generation to generation. This inner connection to the source, the internal programming that we share has become darkened in modern day life. We must now rekindle it.

We provide customized training courses for teachers, parents, young leaders, and anyone who wishes to master the methods of connection required to succeed today in any field.

Tapping into the emotional strength of our collective greatness on a regular basis brings about some amazing proven benefits:

  • Transform any event or activity
  • Nurture and grow Collective and Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience positive connection among participants
  • Expand your perspective to overcome differences
  • Increase overall engagement, creativity and productivity
  • Build psychological resilience and eligibility
  • Learn to focus on positive media & social influences
  • Relax and have fun
  • So easy almost anyone can become a facilitator

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Within minutes I had a feeling of such intimate closeness with the others in the circle, as if we were life long friends. I felt safe and energized, confident I could share anything with them”

- Mark, Fair Lawn, NJ

We’re an interdisciplinary group of friends with varied complementary backgrounds in psychology, social science, education, art and media.