We’re a group of friends who’ve come together from the varied fields of psychology, social science, education, academia, art and media to rekindle  unity

Our individual work had been aimed at finding solutions to pressing issues in the social space.  As individuals we have created acclaimed documentaries on human adjustment to globalization, developed workshops in the educational system that enhance student communication and well-being, researched and constructed theoretical models exploring the efficient spread of positive values and ideas. Over time each of us started to see what we later discovered to be a common principle at work in our fields, one effecting all aspects of a society for better or worse.

It became our vision to widely promote messages for the need of connection, the interconnected world, and the importance of unity through both passive media consumption and active engagement campaigns through our lively Connected Wisdom Facebook page.  We developed and offer both courses and one-time experiential trainings in how to find solutions to all of life’s problems through connection.

As a non-profit educational organization with 501(c)(3) status, we promote the importance of human connection as a means to help the world thrive and overcome difficulties of all kinds.

Today we’re a growing community, a network of certified trainers and volunteers, people who understand that our future depends on our concerned connection with each other.

Our Vision

To connect people and communities to one another and to encourage all people, regardless of age or affiliation, to interact in a deeper, more supportive manner, thus promoting a richer life experience for all.