What’s Special About Connected Wisdom

Think ‘Connected Wisdom’—Think ‘Connection Specialists’

Connected Wisdom is a 501(c)3 educational organization that specializes in teaching the science of connection.  We develop, teach and share messages about positive human connection, our interconnected world and the importance of unity.

We work through social media outlets, as well as lead active online social engagement campaigns.  Connected Wisdom provides experiential training in how to achieve trust, openness, and connection in any arena of life and learning situation.

Our team of connection specialists combined the latest findings of positive psychology, behavioral economics and network science with the spectacularly effective connection tool known—the Connection Circle.


Our Connection Circles

The Connection Circle is a uniquely structured round-table workshop experience that can be done in both online and physical settings, led by certified Connected Wisdom trainers to open a space between participants where collective common intelligence flows.  The Circle Method style of round table workshop has its roots in the ancient Jewish format of the minyan. The Connection Circle employs the cutting-edge Circle Method with its unique participant interaction guidelines that open wellsprings of collective insight for creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.  The Connection Circle is the ultimate peacemaker, making possible the discovery of consensus in diversity and unity above deep divisions.


  • Team building for family, work, classroom, and community
  • Constructive discussion of complex or charged issues
  • To inspire commitment in relationships, family, work, community
  • Problem solving, conflict resolution, and consensus building
  • Adding impact and significance to any special event or holiday
  • Adaptable to any theme, topic, setting
  • Ultimate brainstorming, campaign creation, project envisioning tool
  • Available as single high-impact event or transformative ongoing courses


Social Media

What’s the buzz?  People want to connect and they want to connect now.  We need to share and know what’s going on.  Social media platforms make instant communication across vast distances easy. Connected Wisdom maximizes the use of social media platforms to inspire, influence, and uplift through a lively and growing social media presence on Facebook and elsewhere.   We design and implement active social media campaigns around burning issues and controversial topics.  Connected Wisdom increasingly specializes in sparking media buzz and raising awareness via social media platforms about issues important to us all.



Connected Wisdom provides the leadership, education, and cutting-edge tools you need to thrive in our complex, fast-paced world.  Learn to connect and rediscover the confidence and power needed to create the world we long for. When we are connected, we hold the key to a bright future in our hands, for our children and ourselves.