6Our team of professionals include psychologists, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers from fields of social sciences. These professionals work together to develop methods and innovative approaches to help nurture social relationships – the foundation of a full, enriching life. Encompassing these vast fields, our methods are based on positive psychology, behavioral economics and network science.  We include a special touch on topics relating to Jewish audiences, integrating cutting edge science with the rich wisdom of Jewish tradition that has been promoting these values of positive relationships for thousands of years.

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Warm-Up Circle_Tel YehudaConnected Wisdom offers breakthrough Millennial Jewish Leadership Training for a new generation of Jewish leaders.  Our training is designed to empower trainees to create connection between anyone anywhere.  Our program incorporates the most effective training techniques from social science and Jewish wisdom for inspired Jewish leadership.  The Millennial Jewish Leadership Training program provides a method to tap stores of ‘collective wisdom’ for solutions to the most challenging problems.  Trainees will receive instruction in the Connection Circle and Roundtable exploration techniques that leave all uplifted and inspired.

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CW about Page headerConnected Wisdom maximizes the use of social media platforms to inspire, influence, and uplift through a lively and growing social media presence on Facebook and elsewhere.   We design and implement active social media campaigns around burning issues and controversial topics.  Connected Wisdom increasingly specializes in sparking media buzz and raising awareness via social media platforms about issues important to us all.

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