CW Circles Leadership Program 3.0

Become a Certified Connected Wisdom Trainer

  • Master and certify in the art of Circle Methodology
  • Fill your toolbox with crucial skills to pilot community in the 21th century paradigm
  • Join the ranks of a new professional network of millennial Jewish leaders and educators
  • Learn to steer problem resolution with the potent Circles Roundtable technique
  • Become a Circles Trainer to tap collective wisdom for inventive solutions to sticky problems
  • Learn Circles gamification to enhance connection in any crowd and situation
  • Get the method and technical expertise to host virtual Connection Circles
  • Qualify to guide online Connected Wisdom Circle events

Certify in the most effective techniques of network science and iconic Jewish leadership to pilot your Jewish community in the global era.

Circles Jewish Leadership Training That Yields Radical Results

  • Master a proven method to bridge differences among people of different ages and worldviews
  • Receive a toolbox of methods, content, and tools for breakthrough leadership
  • Experience first-hand profound Jewish and real world content through Connection Circles, gamification, Roundtable training
  • Learn how to apply the Circle Method to any content for any target audience
  • Gain a firm foundation in the science of connection and timeless Jewish connection wisdom
  • Broaden leadership effectiveness through Circles Method development sessions

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The CW Circles Leadership Program 3.0 offers the best techniques from network science and Jewish wisdom adapted to the new paradigm of our tightly interconnected world.

Join CW Online for an Upcoming Circles Certification Training

CW Circles Leadership Program 3.0 is taught entirely online.  Through the use of video conferencing technology you will bring the Training Circle into your personal study space enabling Circle interaction with classmates and instructors.

We invite enthusiastic, motivated and inspired Jewish leaders such as:

  • Educators,
  • Community leaders,
  • Staff members of Jewish organizations
  • Social activists

Overview of Millennial Jewish Leadership Training Topics

Learn the new paradigms for successful leadership in the new millennium.  Cutting-edge leadership techniques are founded in the core principles of the Jewish nation—connection and unity.  Science has verified Judaism’s wisdom of connection in principles of social intelligence, the benefits of connection, and the study of positive social relations.  Students learn how to combine Jewish wisdom and science in for effective leadership in the global matrix.

Students will learn about the science behind the Connection Circle—principles of collective intelligence and psychological safety and how to implement the Circle Method guidelines in leadership settings.  Trainees will learn how to effectively lead, moderate, and use the Circle Method for creating connection among people from diverse backgrounds and views to bond community and build consensus.  Students will master the CW Roundtable technique for creative problem solving and beyond-the-box brainstorming.  Recipients of CW Circles Leadership Training will acquire the vision and tools demanded for iconic leadership in a complex world.


What You Receive in the Millennial Jewish Leadership Training Program

  • Connected Wisdom trainers will work with you to understand your leadership needs and help you adapt the Circles Method to optimize effectiveness
  • Learn about the paradigm shift the world is facing in the global era
  • Discover the shifts in the Jewish world and the challenges we face to stay one people
  • Acquire the latest insights about positive social relationships and how to create them in your leadership setting
  • Learn the qualities it takes to be a successful leader in the new global paradigm
  • Gain a new appreciation and pride in the timeless wisdom of connection that is the core of Judaism
  • Find out how Social Intelligence = 21st Century Veahavta Lereaha
  • Master the principles of the science of connection
  • Receive a heads-up about the barriers to positive social relations
  • Know the connection diversions inside and outside the Jewish community
  • Explore the difference between the fundamental survival instinct (evolutionary psychology) vs. motivational existence
  • Be warned about the separative influence of media, education, work, culture, coaches, trainers and how to work with them

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Training Catalyst in the Perfect Jewish Leadership Formula

Connected Wisdom – Connection experts who have synthesized a method, tools, and content from Jewish heritage and network science for creating unity amidst diversity.

Connected Wisdom is a 501(c)3 educational organization that specializes in teaching the science of connection.  We develop, teach and share messages about positive human connection, our interconnected world and the importance of Jewish unity.

Connected Wisdom provides experiential training in how to achieve trust, openness, and connection in any arena of life and learning situation.

Our team of connection specialists combined the latest findings of positive psychology, behavioral economics and network science with the ancient Jewish wisdom of connection in the development of the most spectacularly effective connection tool known—the Connection Circle.