Meet Our Trainers



Gene Shklover, PhD


Gene has about 25 years of proven experience in building and empowering communities & organizations to deliver sustainable, practical results by synergizing individuals & groups around the common purpose and by cultivating agile & thriving cultures. As a scientist, entrepreneur and Jewish scholar, he leverages his extensive and deep background in science, psychology and human dynamics to help communities create a purposeful & harmonious environment. Gene holds PhD in Physics and Master of Science in Engineering



Sarah Gluck-Knox, BA

Co-founder of Urban Movement Design (UMD)
BA, New York University
Architecture  – Pratt Institute
Certifications in Healing Arts & Body Mechanics

Sarah has over a decade’s experience designing, organizing and building healthy environments that foster increased productivity, efficiency, and joy. Having learned from her experience and passion for helping individuals create the correct internal environment for healing and rehabilitation post-trauma, as well as being a pioneer in the field of health and active design, Sarah brings her expertise into communities and the workplace. She is an award winning international designer and a speaker on issues of inclusive and active design. As co-founder of Urban Movement Design (UMD). UMD were pioneers in the newest field of active design for health and was awarded to design health and mobility into the 2010 Winter Olympic Village, as well as the acclaimed International Young Architect Prize in Rome, Italy and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Rome.

Sarah has immersed herself in the study of happiness science and the science of connection over the past several years,she works with a collective of individuals across disciplines to develop and conduct seminars and programs for businesses, communities and educational institutions, to benefit from the infinite positive effects of increased and improved connection between people, including; increased well-being, productivity, creativity and sustained happiness.