In this course we will explore the essence of the unique gene that lies dormant and untapped within the DNA of the Jewish people.

When this genetic code of unity is active, we see a peaceful world, not only towards us, but throughout the world. When it lies dormant, however, disharmony and hate abound.
Throughout history we have seen the rise and fall of this nation, and through every up and down we can also trace whether this nation was unified or divided.
In this course we will use proven methods founded by the latest scientific research, to awaken this gene and to bring us closer to one another and towards the kind of world we are destined to help bring forth.

Today, with no fault of our own, the world is providing us with new values of individualism, self-actualization, and an array of many other cultural and material distractions that often take away from the core values our parents, grandparents, and generations before them thrived on. We see more struggles and disconnect which we aren’t sure how to approach or deal with, nor how to make use of our heritage of inspiring, practical wisdom to our advantage. It is in these modern times that we need to rediscover our Jewish identity and make use of it, for it has the potential to become more relevant and beneficial to our lives than ever before.

In this series of courses, we will come, once again, to experience the importance of our heritage, and through a wide array of fascinating lectures and games, we shall learn how to once again experience the rich, colorful, successful, all inclusive culture we all want and desire. To better answer the intriguing opportunities and challenges these new and exciting times have to offer, we will learn together how a strong community can thrive, grow, invest, and reinvest into our homes, businesses, and the community at large.

The goal of the course is to strengthen ties between all of a community’s members, and to develop a desire and feeling of necessity for a strong community identity.

Participants will recognize and feel that they are receiving the most necessary tools for success and complete self-realization in modern life within the framework of the Jewish community, and the world at large. They will gain the necessary tools in bettering the relationships in their inner circles with their family, friends, and members of the community as well as outer circles. Because the materials are based on Jewish principles and ideas, this process will enable participants to reconnect to their Jewish identity in a new way, as a relevant and supportive framework, useful to all realms of their life.