December 20th, 2015 the Kings Bay Y Jewish Community Center partnered with the Israeli organization StandWithUs to host a special day-long event for 20 teens from Brooklyn, N.Y. The topic of the session was “Diversity in Israel.”  Connected Wisdom’s Ellana Burlan and Sarah Gluck collaborated with event organizers to bring Connected Wisdom with its uniquely powerful Circle Method to the multi-faceted event.

Led by facilitators Sasha Zusin and Sarah Gluck, Kings Bay Y teens embarked on a 90-minute journey to discover unity amid diversity.  They engaged in a complete arsenal of Connected Wisdom unity games and experienced firsthand the one-of-a-kind Connection Circle.  The teenagers, who were already well acquainted with one another, walked away from the experience awed by the newly discovered depths of understanding between them.

Both StandWithUs representatives and Kings Bay Y organizers were impressed with the effectiveness of the methods introduced by Connected Wisdom that enabled high-spirited teens to connect on levels deeper than ever before.  Photographer and videographer Inna Smirnova recorded impressions from participants after the session.