IAC Mishelanu Coordinator of New England, Roe Ayalon, invited Connected Wisdom of New York to bring the Circle Method to a one-day Boston area retreat December 6th, 2015. Connected Wisdom facilitators Sarah Gluck and Kim Spiegler led ten of the twenty Israeli-American college students from the Northeast in an intense Connection Circle experience focused on how to proactively deepen a sense of community among Jews without the threat of anti-Semitism from the outside.

Using Connected Wisdom’s unique Circle Method, the 75 minute Connection Circle delved into such questions as:

  • What does it mean to you to be Israeli?

  • What connects you together as Israelis?

  • What is unique about this connection?

  • What personal story would you share of the deepest sense of community you’ve felt?

  • What prevents us from feeling this sense of community all the time?

  • What it would look like if the whole nation of Israel were to act as a unified community?

  • What is the benefit of building such a community?

  • How can I contribute to turning this vision into a reality?

The experience was deeply meaningful to all who participated.