– As there has been a marked uptick in anti-Semitic attacks and hate speech in France, Belgium and other European countries, a newly invented solution appeared to heal the insistent problem.

What makes the Magic Kippah so “magical”? Does it fire bullets at attackers or create a defensive force field? Well, not quite. It does however offer us to blend in and look similar amongst the seed of the tree.

Now, the banker can be approached by customers who had refused him earlier, the barista can serve his expressos with no apprehension and the mother can guarantee her children’s safety during their school day. Yet, in any corner of the world we choose to call our land – we are regarded as outsiders with a certain suspicion. We seem like a puzzle. We may look like everyone else but not quite the same as everyone else.

The sheer inner mental torture for us to constantly hope for freedom and peace when our reality challenges us otherwise and asks – What is to be a jew in the 21st century?

Close to 4,000 years ago, a nation was created on seemingly irrational social principles. They did what was absolutely impossible, in an incomprehensible way they suddenly decided that it must, and was capable of implementing the idea, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

If we choose wanting to be invisible, we choose torment, isolation and agony. But, if we choose to accept that the time has come to scrutinize how and why this seemingly unattainable ideal of the Jewish people, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” appeared. Then, maybe we’ll begin to understand how to stop the incessant deterioration of our civilization.

– Find out how.