Relationships are the cornerstone of society and reflect directly on our personal and general happiness. In today’s society we see a general breakdown of marriages, relationships new and old, and we are aware that distractions and obstacles are no longer resolved, but become the breaking point for many couples. However, couples who learn to communicate and relate to each other as integral parts of a whole, can learn to rise above these differences and come to an even stronger level of mutual understanding and far greater intimacy than before.

In this course, we will delve into our intricate nature as human beings, to find what motivates us to act as we do. This will help us to see ourselves and our partners better, and treat each other with greater compassion and understanding. Participants will learn simple and proven techniques which empower couples to go from a place of challenge and conflict to a new found level of harmony and shared joy.

Through this course, romantic couples will learn how to live in harmony, mutual understanding and with passion.

Participants will learn how to successfully engage their differences and challenges by implementing new communication skills that will enhance their relationships, turning them from a source of angst into a fertile ground for mutual growth, gratitude and inspiration. Unlearning old patterns and acquiring new more positive ones, they will develop new personal strategies which build trust and respect and learn how to create healthy, intimate relationships that will enable them to love and be loved like never before.