In today’s world, we see more and more cases in our younger generation of issues with discipline and a concerning lack of motivation towards success and many other positive aspects of life. Children and youth often prefer to “escape reality” through video games, drugs, alcohol, and many other unproductive activities. Too often parents find themselves helpless, without the language or effective tools to reach their children and help them overcome these obstacles.

In this course we will learn how to deal with new challenges facing today’s parents. Is there a root to all of these modern day problems? Together we will find solutions; we will “give birth” to new situations in our family life and discover the potential that lies within doing shared work with our family. Also, we will practice better communication skills in order to overcome difficulties and conflicts that arise in our day to day lives; we will discover why our children want what they want and what we can do about it; we will learn how to balance the needs of a family member with those of the family and the power of parents in overcoming difficulties and personal crises in our children’s lives; we will talk about the importance of family meals and other shared family habits, and much more.

By going through the process you will learn and feel firsthand the experience of the power of connection. You will receive useful tools that will allow your children, and your entire family to move passionately towards a brighter future, stronger bonds of friendship, consideration, mutual care, and love.

Parents and grandparents of all ages are welcome to participate in our courses, and learn the method of Integral Upbringing.

The goal of the course is to create better relationships within the family unit, to show how the family is in fact a super-organism which consists of all of its members. The family members will learn to function in unison and mutual consideration, to experience balance, harmony and lasting happiness.

Benefit: The participants will gain awareness of our nature as human beings, of how we develop and behave in a family context. They will learn how an environment shapes the individual and will receive the precise methods to create a good environment in their own home, which will better their life and that of their children.