Let’s face it, we all know what’s good for us, more or less, but why is it so hard for us to consistently do what we know we should, for ourselves? The answer often surprises us, because we tend to blame ourselves and we are convinced that we are our own worst enemy. The key is actually in the environment that we keep.

In the last 60 years or so, research in the field of social psychology has shown over and over again that we are powerfully influenced by our environment, on multiple levels, and much more than we can recognize. The underlying secret to living a healthy lifestyle is in choosing a healthy environment to put yourself and your habits into, because social influence is all pervasive, social contagion happens without our awareness, and any change we wish to make must be supported by our environment.

This course uses the best practices in health and wellness, while creating a strong and healthy mini-society between the participants. Each participant will inspire the other, and, in return, be inspired, to live and create the healthy life they desire.

The goal of the course is to create a strong supportive environment while learning about the best and newest methods of healthy living, whereby ensuring consistency and success.

Participants will see and understand that the key to their best health lies in those around them who support and push them to work harder and make better decisions for themselves.