Based on The Most Unbiased and Historically Accurate Synopsis of the 2016 US Presidential Election

Does America have the Connected Wisdom to avoid gridlock? Play to find out.

America has chosen it’s favorite talking head–Donald Trump. What will he take aim at next? We get to choose because we are flying Air Force One! It’s time to select our top targets. Together we give the nod to hear the words, “You’re FIRED! Take careful aim.

Get ready to play UNITY TRUMPS ALL, a crowd-sourcing game brought to you by Connected Wisdom. Begin by watching the one-minute video clip The Most Unbiased and Historically Accurate Synopsis of the 2016 Presidential Election to enter the scene and step into your role. Actual play begins Sunday, November 20th. Good luck!

The Object of the Game:

Achieve RESONANCE–  which gives the power to give the nod and launch the Master Arm. Hear Trump declare, “You’re FIRED!” and watch your targets go up in smoke!

How the Game Is Played

1. Ready! –Build the America’s Revolt Deck:

You help build the America’s Revolt Deck by listing all the obstacles to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness you can think up. Write them in the Comments section here or on our Facebook page.You are still allowed freedom of speech so climb on your soapbox and tell everyone how you feel!

2. Aim! –Set your sights by choosing three top targets from the America’s Revolt Deck and enter them in the Comments

Round One: From America’s Revolt Deck, choose three top targets you want Trump to take aim at. These are the top three barriers to happiness that must be changed to make truly America great. The combined selections of all players become The Pot Calling the Kettle Black. We add all the targets together and just let them stew until Round Two.

3. Focus! –Narrow your aim to three targets from The Pot Calling the Kettle Black and enter them in the Comments

Round Two: Peer into The Pot Calling the Kettle Black. Try to get into each other’s hearts and heads and come to RESONANCE by choosing the three most important targets for the benefit of all. You may revise your list as many times as you want within the time limit.

4. Fire! –The game ends when “Term Limit” is called

The CW game master will reveal how much time you have to reach agreement. Players continue to discuss and revise lists until the game master announces, “Term Limit!” The lists are examined and the game master declares either:  “


(and America goes down in flames!)



(Unity Trumps All and America is great again!)


The Golden Rule and #1 Tip: UNITY TRUMPS ALL! 

Watch the clip and play UNITY TRUMPS ALL! It’s Connected Wisdom