As the year ends we wonder, where is the light?

In his new song  Leonard Cohen’s poetically raises the cry of our time.  Cohen feels the despair that is overtaking us all.  It provokes an important question,

“You want it darker?”

In our consuming obsession with chasing desires we have lost sight of how fragile is our flame.

“We hear so many people admitting to feeling deeply dissatisfied.…Humanity has a natural tendency to consume and if there are no limits on that tendency we can become obsessed simply with satisfying our desires. The desire grows ever more potent as we consume ever more, even though we achieve very little of the actual satisfaction we desire

…many do not even realize that we have lost something very precious – what I might best describe as that intuitive sense of our interconnectedness with Nature.

…I consider our problems today not to be an environmental crisis…nor a financial crisis.  They all stem from this fundamental crisis in our perception.

In denying or forgetting the invisible “grammar of harmony” we create cacophony and dissonance.”  

– His Royal Highness Prince Charles

There is no getting out of this game.  Nature will force each and every one of us to unite and work together.


Are you ready for light?

Connected Wisdom is the flame.

Shana tova!