Which notorious label best describes the JEW?

Christ killer?  Black Plague spreader?  Child blood drinker?  

Warmonger?  Pacifist?  Socialist?  Capitalist?  

Chosen People complex?  Inferiority complex?

Did you ever wonder why Jews are blamed for almost everything? Why we are plastered with contradictory labels? Finally, cybernetics and network science provide evidence-based answers. The world doesn’t hate us for the reasons we think! Discover now the systemic root of anti-Semitism — why the world hates Jews. 

Take this challenging journey through a radical new scientific theory about Jews, our core function in the human network and discover the startling, eye-opening answer.


The Jew And The Survival Of The System looks at the 4000 year phenomenon of Jew hatred from the perspective of new discoveries in Network Science and Cybernetics. It’s a rant revealing the intrinsic function of Jews and why we react to them the way we do. It explores how this exact dynamic, the same roles and forces are at work in the development of all systems in nature – but it’s only on the level of human society that they are expressed in emotional, religious and cultural terminology blinding us to an accurate perception of what we’re experiencing and why. The film asks us to suspend that kind of view and draws connections that reveal the source of and solution to this age old problem.


Connected Wisdom is a group of friends who’ve come together from the fields of art, media, psychology, social science and academia to investigate the positive effects of human interconnectedness.

Our individual work had been aimed at finding solutions to pressing issues in the social space.  As individuals we have created acclaimed documentaries on human adjustment to globalization, developed workshops in the educational system that enhance student communication and well-being, researched and constructed theoretical models exploring the efficient spread of positive values and ideas. Over time each of us started to see what we later discovered to be a common principle at work in our fields, one affecting all aspects of a society for better or worse.

It became our vision to promote messages on the pressing need for connection in looking for solutions to current human problems in this growingly interconnected world.