Everyone cares when it’s too late.  But why didn’t anyone see it coming?

Fact:  The World Health Organization predicts that there will be one suicide every 20 seconds by 2020
Fact:   Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years
Fact:   In the developed world, suicide became the leading cause of death in 2010 for people ages 15-49

Untreated depression without positive social connection is the number one cause of suicide.  Many people commit suicide because depression was triggered by several negative life experiences.  Could any of these triggers put you or someone you love at risk?

  • The death of a loved one.
  • A divorce, separation, or breakup of a relationship.
  • Losing custody of children, or feeling that a child custody decision is not fair.
  • A serious loss, such as a loss of a job, house, or money.
  • A serious illness.
  • A terminal illness.
  • A serious accident.
  • Chronic physical pain.
  • Intense emotional pain.
  • Loss of hope.
  • Being victimized (domestic violence, rape, assault, etc).
  • A loved one being victimized (child murder, child molestation, kidnapping, murder, rape, assault, etc.).
  • Physical abuse.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Unresolved abuse (of any kind) from the past.
  • Feeling “trapped” in a situation perceived as negative.
  • Feeling that things will never “get better.”
  • Feeling helpless.
  • Serious legal problems, such as criminal prosecution or incarceration.
  • Feeling “taken advantage of.
  • Inability to deal with a perceived “humiliating” situation.
  • Inability to deal with a perceived “failure.”
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Drug abuse.
  • A feeling of not being accepted by family, friends, or society.
  • A horrible disappointment.
  • Feeling like one has not lived up to his or her high expectations or those of another.
  • Bullying. (Adults, as well as children, can be bullied.)
  • Low self-esteem.

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